When to Replace Kitchen Countertops

For the first time in more than a century family life really revolves around the home. Most of the time people have countertops installed and don’t worry about it again for years. Now, we are all looking at our homes differently.

Home design and renovation is one of the biggest trends sweeping the nation over the last few years. This is because we want our homes to be a sanctuary and a reflection of ourselves. Renovating and updating a home also adds value to it, especially if you choose smart renovations.

Since everyone is home more often, countertops are getting a lot more use. This is especially true with cooking, baking, crafting and other home projects exploding in popularity. If you are noticing your countertops more and are wondering if now is the time to replace them, this blog is for you!

7 Reasons To Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

Have you been thinking about replacing your kitchen countertops? Not sure if now is the right time? Here are seven reasons that you should go ahead and replace your kitchen countertops now.

1. You’re Selling the Home

When you sell a home, you will want to ask for a top price. To get the most money out of your home, your realtor will likely suggest that you make repairs and update the home to increase its value.

One of the best and easiest ways to increase a home’s value is to replace or upgrade the kitchen countertops. Granite & Quartz countertops traditionally give you the best resale value. However, Marble countertops have a great return on investment as well. Both options are tried and true in terms of being a great value for the home.

2. Your Countertops are Dated

Old countertops can leave a home with a dated look. Some materials like wood, Corian, laminate or cermaic tile make a less than favorable impression and may ruin an otherwise beautiful kitchen or bathroom. After many years, you may even find yourself with mismatched countertops.

This kind of dated look can detract from the look of your home and even subtract from its value. Updating to Granite, Quartz or Marble countertops will give your home a much more timeless appeal.

3. Damaged or Weathered Countertops

The most common reason that homeowners replace their home’s countertops is that they are damaged or worn. No matter how tough a countertop is, eventually it will become damaged. This is often because they are one of the most used surfaces in your home.

Depending on its age and the type of material that it is made from, a countertop can erode, crack, chip, warp or scratch. Kitchen countertops, especially those used for food preparation, are often burnt, stained or discolored.

If your countertops are damaged, now is definitely the time to replace them. Visit the Masters Countertops Showroom and see a fantastic array of styles of durable and affordable countertop materials.

4. Adding Features and Fixtures

Changing out sinks or adding other fixtures and features might mean you will need new countertops for everything to fit appropriately. When you make these kinds of additions it is better to install a new countertop altogether than try to match old to new.

While it is possible to reuse some existing countertops when changing out cabinetry many people choose to update everything all at once. Sometimes updating both kitchen countertops and cabinets together is necessary for a new design or a change in layout.

5. Full Home Remodel

Lifestyle changes and additions to the family can mean a need for additional rooms or full home renovations. When you undertake projects of that scale, not only will you want new countertops for the kitchen, but a change in dimensions may also call for all new countertops.

6. Change in Lifestyle

Sometimes a lifestyle change such as an occupational change may mean a need for new counters. For example, if you suddenly became a baker or a YouTube chef, new countertops would be needed to support the change in how you use them.

7. Change in Interior Design

Upgrading your kitchen is a large project and a great investment. When you make major changes to your kitchen, you may need to replace old countertops so that they don’t clash with the changes. You can change colors as well as styles.

Countertop Installation in Wheeling, Illinois

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When you start to shop for countertops, there are some common questions that most people ask. Here are just a couple of things that you may want to know as you start the process.

What Is a Good Inexpensive Countertop?

Many people agree that in stock Quartz countertops are affordable countertops. This is because they are easily the best value for the money in most cases. Not only do you get a reasonable price but they come with most of the advantages of luxury stones.

There are some cheaper materials available on the market. The problem with cheap materials is their fragility, short lifespan and poor resale value.

What Is the Average Cost of a Kitchen Countertop?

The average cost of a kitchen countertop can be found by filling out the quote form on the Masters Countertops website.

The cost of new kitchen countertops is determined by the area of countertop needed in addition to the type and length of edge used on the counters. The total cost will also be determined by the material and style of countertop chosen as well as the specific stone that you pick.

What’s the Most Popular Countertop for Kitchens?

While natural stone countertops are the more traditional choice, the most popular countertops are Quartz. Quartz is super hard and requires almost no maintenance. It comes in fantastic colors and designs and can fit any home. Quartz countertops are likely to be very popular for many years to come. 

What Is the Most Cost Effective and Durable Countertop?

Both Quartz and natural stone countertops make excellent choices when it comes to being affordable and durable. However, in terms of cost effectiveness, Quartz gets a slight edge. Either material will add beauty and value to your home.

Kitchen Countertops in Wheeling, Illinois

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