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Calacatta Miraggio Duo


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Beautifully unique, Calacatta Miraggio Duo boasts a combination of subtle, yet bold gold and gray veins throughout Quartz slab. With a warm marbled background, this quartz features one-of-a-kind crisscross crackled veins, helping embrace its natural marble look. As part of the color collection that’s made domestically in the USA, this stunning quartz features LumaLuxe® ultra formulation that enhances how light interacts with the surface for ultimate eye-catching and immersive results. Showcase your residential or commercial space by adding this quartz to a variety of applications including backsplashes, walls, floors and other areas throughout your property that require a touch of refinement. Calacatta Miraggio Duo is the perfect complement to a variety of decor styles to help make any environment stand out.

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